Spinning Luxury Kit

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Instructor Rachel Smith explores a variety of luxurious spinning fibres in the School of SweetGeorgia Spinning Luxury courses. And we are thrilled to offer four spinning kits so you can explore them, too! Each Spinning Luxury Kit contains a variety of themed fibres, including silks, camelids, goats, and rare tops. Whether you spin them on their own or blend them with another fibre, these fun spinning kits enable you to explore at your pleasure.

Spinning Luxury Kit: Silks

The Silk kit contains:

  • Mulberry/ Bombyx Silk
  • Tussah/ Tassar Silk
  • Muga Silk
  • Eri Silk
  • Peduncle Silk

Five silks at ten grams each for a total of 1.75 oz / 50 g prepared top. The SweetGeorgia Yarns 18.5 microns super fine merino is the perfect compliment to this kit.

Spinning Luxury Kit: Camelids

The Camelids kit contains:

  • Alpaca Top
  • Llama Top
  • Camel Top

Three camelid fibres at twenty-five grams each for a total of 2.6 oz / 75 g prepared top.

Spinning Luxury Kit: Goats

The Goats kit contains:

  • Cashmere Top
  • Mohair Top
  • Pygora Top

Three goat fibres at ten grams each for a total of 1 oz / 30 g prepared top.

Spinning Luxury Kit: Rare

The Rare kit contains:

  • Angora Top
  • Yak Top
  • 18.5 microns Merino Top

Fifteen grams of Angora, fifteen grams of Yak, and 60g of 18.5 microns Merino wool for a total of 3.1 oz / 90 g prepared top.

After you’ve chosen your favourite spinning kit, be sure to check out the fibre prep tools we offer.

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