Corriedale Spinning Fibre

$14.00 USD

Fibre Colourway

Corriedale is a cross between English Leicester or Lincoln and Merino, so you’ll see characteristics like softness and crimp mixed with medium-long staple and toughness. These characteristics make it well-suited to worsted or semi-worsted spinning, but this fibre can also be easily spun into a woollen yarn.

Our Corriedale fibre has not been treated to be machine-washable and can most definitely be used for wet- or needle-felting. When you are finishing your yarns and projects, be sure to wash them gently and lay them flat to dry for the best results.

The Corriedale fleece is a medium wool with a good crimp, a soft handle, and is very easy to spin. The wool produced is approximately 25-30 microns with a staple length of 80 - 120 mm. Corriedale originates from New Zealand. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

  • Fibre Content: 100% Corriedale wool
  • Weight: 100g (approx 3.5 oz) bundles of spinning fibre