Passionate, relentless, unapologetic colour. There is something impossibly alluring about hand-dyed yarns. Everything from the vibrance to the subtle nuances in shade and hue capture the heart as well as the imagination. Hand-dyed yarn has the feeling of being alive.
Discover the collection of hand-dyed colours that we create on knitting yarn and spinning fibres.

colours that just work


Colour System Collections

The start of something completely new. After hand-dyeing yarn for over 18 years,
we’ve started from the ground up and created a new process for designing our hand-
dyed yarn colours. Welcome to the SweetGeorgia Colour System!

Element Colourways

This is the foundation of our SweetGeorgia Colour System. These 18 hues form the basis of a colourway collection that we are calling Element. Clear, crisp and vibrant colours that lean towards the magenta side, this colour wheel is all SweetGeorgia. Bold and bright, happy and heartfelt. These hues will combine beautifully and effortlessly into colourful and joyful projects.

available on all regular yarn bases except for BFL+Silk and SeaSilk Lace

Elixir Colourways

Based on the hues in our Element colour palette, we developed a collection of colours that comes from a mix of the three main hues that make up our foundation colour wheel. Hence the name “elixir”… like a magical concoction of different liquids. These colours are made from multiple hues, giving each colour more depth and complexity. In the fabric, you’ll see all the nuance and the fact that the colour is not solid and flat, but it has movement, richness, and life.

available on all regular yarn bases

Ethereal Colourways

With a hint of hue, these Ethereal colourways are the lighter counterparts of our Elixir colourways. Full of gentle nuance and softness, this collection of colourways feels full of intention and possesses a quiet calm. It’s like a wisp of colour for your handmade projects. Use these light hues on their own for a delicate result, or combine these light colours with Elixir for more contrast to your design.

available on all regular yarn bases except for BFL+Silk

Enigma Colourways

Our Enigma colourway collection represents the deeper, darker and more richly saturated versions of our Elixir colourways. These hues carry a strong and bold presence, giving colour combinations an effective contrast. Use these deep colourways as the ground or foundation for colourwork projects or combine them with their mid-tone and lighter hues to create gradient colour combinations in your projects.

available on all regular yarn bases except for SeaSilk Lace

Signature Colourways

Our Signature Collection features your favourite tonal, semi-solid and colour splash hues that knitters, crocheters and weavers have grown to know and love. 

Neutral Colourways

From sultry silvers and dark greys through to a cool gradients of blues, all the way to toasty, stone-based browns, our neutral colourways are among some of our most popular colourways. Pair with a vivid pop or simply let these colourways stand on their own.