Postcards from Abroad / Sunset Boulevard

$132.00 USD

SweetGeorgia has created some colour palette suggestions for the 2023 NYE MKAL. This set includes 4 skeins SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock, 1 each of Brass, Daybreak, Lipstick and Glow plus a mini skein in Seaside.

The total yardage is approximately 1841 yds / 1683 m per set. The pattern is sold separately.

Where would you go on your dream vacation if money and time were no object? Welcome to “Postcards from Abroad” our 2023 NYE MKAL, where dreams come true!

This year’s MKAL features a multitude of unusual and fun to knit stitches nestled amongst familiar lace and mesh patterns in an oversized crescent shawl. Did I mention it's big? It's big. Really big!

Sign ups start Nov. 10th.

MKAL kicks off at the stroke of midnight Dec 31st somewhere on planet earth!

Come join us in the Criminal Knits group for all the mayhem, fun and laughter.