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Chevron T Launches

July 23, 2013

Designed by Stephanie Steinhaus, owner of Unwind in Burbank, CA, the Chevron T is one of those knits that you’ll find yourself wearing over and over. We dyed this exclusive base yarn, Iridium, for Unwind to go with the hot weather in Los Angeles. The blend is 50% tencel (wood pulp!) and 50% superwash merino in a fingering weight yarn with a subtle shimmer. It only takes two or three skeins to knit this! Originally the Chevron T pattern was designed for the Passport to Unwind Yarn Club and the club members received the pattern for free. Now, the pattern is available on Ravelry. Get the Secret Word for 10% off the yarn at Unwind Chevron T is now on... View full article →

Fibre Sampling Sessions: Silk

July 22, 2013

By Grace Verhagen, spinning nut and wool nerd This blog post is the last of a three part series depicting my escapades sampling every fibre type of that SweetGeorgia Yarns has available. If you missed the previous entries, please check out my introduction and notes on BLF here, and my experiences sampling merino blends here. Part Three: A Twist of Luxury Skeins: (from left to right) Bombyx Silk, Tussah Silk, Polwarth+Silk, Panda Besides the merino and BFL tops I have already described, SweetGeorgia also carries four other silk and cellulose blends. 100% Bombyx Silk and 100% Tussah Silk are available in portions of 50 grams each, but a little silk goes a long, long way! Polworth+Silk is a wonderful treat... View full article →